Thinking Out Loud with Joyce of Art! Life, Art, Creativity

Welcome, my creative kittens! The creative blog is now live!
Get ready for tips, tricks, recommendations, stories and laughter!
I can't wait to start sharing some lovely stories* that happen during our creative, magical journey together. There are so many unexpected surprises that have found us here, together. So many stories of moments that made me laugh, cry, snort or sigh. Moments of intense pride in you, moments of intense laughter, sadness, wonder and unexpected, wonderful joy. Life, art and creativity. Anything that makes me feel connected to all of you. And yes, Peter loves you too. So here we are, my kitten pride. Get ready. You've been warned. 
*Please note that some names may be changed to protect the guilty shenanigators of the kitten caboodle. 

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